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About Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is an addiction to any substance that contains opiates. These drugs are often prescribed as a result of physical injury, or when patients are recovering from surgery. Opiate drug addiction is a disease that affects your brain and causes changes in your moods and behavior. Often times, people who are prescribed pain medicine become addicted to the pleasurable effect that it produces. This makes some people want to keep using these drugs, despite the absence of pain.

Misuse, such as taking more than prescribed, or continuously self-medicating with opiate based painkillers, creates a tolerance. This means those suffering from opiate addiction must take more and more of the painkillers to achieve the same effect. This is dangerous as it can lead to long-term dependence and sometimes-fatal overdoses. Without access to the drug, users who aren’t in rehab for opiate addiction can experience painful withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweating and chills
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Cramps and tremors
  • Itchiness

For those addicted, using will turn into abusing the drug and over time, an addict’s brain actually changes. The changes in the brain caused by the use of opiates causes the body to go on alert once the drug is stopped. The brain is telling the body to give the addict a signal by producing physical symptoms. Despite the addict’s desire to want to quit, the severity of the withdraw symptoms overrule any desire the user has to stop taking the medication. Nearly 20% of all American’s are addicted to opiates which leads to the destruction of their personal well-being and often the affects the well-being of those closest to them.

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Opiate Treatments

Don’t Let Opiate Addiction Control You or Your Loved One's

Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling’s opiate addiction treatment programs helps patients free themselves from opiate addiction and get their lives back.

Dependence to opiate drugs can occur for many reasons. There is no age, gender or race barrier against opiate drug abuse and addiction. Those at high risk for opiate addiction and in need of opiate treatment are people who have been prescribed high daily dosages of opiate painkillers, people using opiates in the treatment of diseases, people who have a history of substance abuse or mental illness issues.

Whatever the case might be it’s important to understand that opiate addiction is a treatable physical disease. Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling’s opiate addiction treatment center, in Ashland KY, will create an individualized treatment plan that will allow patients to recover safely and comfortably. The specialists at Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling opiate addiction treatment center, in Ashland KY, monitor each patient in every phase of their opiate rehab.

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