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The key to long-lasting recovery is dealing with the root issues of opiate addiction. Those may include anything from childhood traumas to losses as an adult to a genetic predisposition to drugs. Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling, the very best addiction treatment, provides top-notch opiate addiction counseling to help patients work through their underlying issues and learn how to cope with them.

At Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling, we offer opiate addiction counseling as part of a tailored treatment plan. We perform a very thorough evaluation of our patients to determine what approach will work best.

Counseling Types Offered

The road to recovery can be traveled within group therapy, where insight and feedback can help to keep you from straying off the path. Group therapy sessions are scheduled in the evening which is less disruptive to the family and work schedules.

Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling helps equip our patients with the tools they need to achieve life-lasting sobriety. Many used opiates to dull their pain, mask their feelings or avoid confrontation. By pulling back those layers, Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling counselors can help patients deal with the root issues and put in place coping mechanisms to address future hardships.

Unique Opportunities for Families

Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling considers our patients’ families part of our family. We include them in every step of our treatment program. It is crucial to the success of our patients to have their loved ones involved in the healing process, because opiate addiction is hard on everyone including the family. We help to repair the bonds that have been broken by opiate addiction, and we also offer a support system for loved ones while their family member is recovering.

Our family counseling sessions include:
  • Education on addiction and how serious the disease is
  • Discussion about the recovery process and how it can impact family dynamics
  • Reengagement with your loved one after withdrawal
  • Intensive therapy to help rebuild trust and improve communication throughout your family

Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling provides a family education night once a month, as a service to our patients with no additional cost to them. This helps loved ones understand better what the patient is going through and helps strengthen their support system which we realize is so important.

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Group Counseling

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