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Group Counseling

Opiate addiction counseling is an integral part of each patient’s substance abuse treatment at Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling in Ashland KY. You will be assigned a certified addiction counselor, and they will receive group counseling. At Ashland Integrative Medicine each patient will be able to identify and explore personal issues in a safe, respectful and understanding environment; this structure helps patients build a strong foundation necessary for lasting change and recovery.

Group addiction counseling allows the opportunity for patients to process what they learn in treatment into the form of open group discussions and educational lectures. Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling believes that addiction education is a key part of each individual’s treatment, allowing them to learn about addiction, what impacts it and more importantly what can be done for a successful recovery. Ashland Integrative Medicine group counseling allows individuals undergoing opiate addiction treatment to experience getting support and feedback for personal addiction issues from the experiences peer support.

We also have individual counseling available for on a short term basis to help manage acute life stressors or on long term basis to supplement group therapy. We also work with counselors at Pathways and Addiction Recovery Care (ARC)

At Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling the patient’s family plays a critical role in the treatment and recovery process. Ashland Integrative Medicine Counseling provides a family education night once a month, as a service to our patients with no additional cost to them. This helps loved ones understand better what the patient is going through and helps strengthen their support system which we realize is so important.

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