Group Substance Use Counseling

Group Substance Use Counseling

Group meetings will be held at each visit – structured on a variety of topics including relapse prevention, chemical dependency, parenting, domestic violence, anger management, etc. In groups you will find people struggling with cravings and old behavior patterns just like yourself. Lead by the Licensed Counselor – you will all contribute to the discussion about how to best avoid triggers and keep moving toward sobriety.

The road to recovery can be traveled within group therapy, where insight and feedback can help to keep you from straying off the path.

AIM Behavioral Health helps equip our patients with the tools they need to achieve life-lasting sobriety. Many used opiates to dull their pain, mask their feelings or avoid confrontation. By pulling back those layers, AIM Behavioral Health counselors can help patients deal with the root issues and put in place coping mechanisms to address future hardships.

We provide case management to get you stabilized so you can continue with daily life while you quit for good. You’ll also get the counseling, resources and support you need to build a new life for yourself, healthy and sober. We offer a private, comfortable setting with convenient hours and friendly staff.


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